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I bet even Trump supporters love their homies...

I've been scared and sad and angry as I'm sure y'all have been too. And it's looking like this nightmare is just getting started. But fuck if we're gonna fight back, we cannot lose our shit, can't be crushed by despair. So I'm trying to remember that the light is always where I look for it. And one major source of light for me is friends, not just my friends, but friendship in general.

What in the universe is more romantic than the love between friends? Idk. But I think the best of our humanity is still noteworthy. So, in hopes of providing some solace from our shared impending doom, I present Love Thy Homie.

It's a collection of screenshots of love messages (english and spanish) between homies that I've collected from a ton of you. Thank you!!! If you don't see yours up yet, it's in the reserve. I will keep posting them continuously. Please contribute your own messages and if you like it, please share :)

Enjoy: www.lovethyhomie.com

IG: @lovethyhomie

Submit yours: lovethyhomie@gmail.com

Special thank you to my amazingly brilliant homie-collaborators Isabel de Lara, Maria Conejo, and David Inispi. Thank you to Maria Paz for everything especially reminding me not to give phone companies free advertising. Also to Mundo Montes de Oca Ibarra and to Willie Avendano for using their bdays for this experiment! And thank you to Ivan Cash for being a huge inspiring creative force.


Hang in there y'all <3.