Talcum powder increases risk of ovarian cancer. Women who douche once per week or more experience bacterial vaginosis 1.17 times more often than women who do not douche. Labiaplasty is now the world’s fastest growing cosmetic procedure, despite a lack of evidence that it’s even safe.

In a vacuum of information, most of what we learn about our bodies comes from the very advertisers trying to sell us things that not only do we not need, but also actively damage us. Products and ignorance endanger our health, and their messages make us feel grossed out and confused by our vaginas. Shame decreases sexual pleasure.

Meanwhile, good information is hard to find. Most sex ed sorely lacks --or worse-- reinforces shame. Online sources often don’t cite their information and contradict each other. Journal articles are out of reach—behind paywalls and impossible to understand without considerable background knowledge. The good resources on the internet are hard to find.

María Conejo and I want to change all of this. Because we believe in the right to learn about our bodies. 

We launched a Kickstarter to fund this project and ended up making 265% of our goal: about $23K USD. The campaign was featured in Kickstarter's Projects We Love, and covered in Dame, Hello Giggles, Glam, Men's Health, The Lily, and Now This Her and elsewhere in the US. In Mexico it was covered by TimeOut Mexico, Mas por Mas, and Cool Hunter MX among others. It received international press from Japan to Indonesia to South Africa to India to the UK to France.

We aim to launch the site in February 2019.

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